The only way to go is forward.

This is the post excerpt.


I am 40 years old…wow 40…feels odd writing it…feels like i was 30 just few days back…anyways thats how old I am. Married for 17 years to the sweetest and kindest man i know.

Have two amazing kids who adore me.

Holding a respectable leadership position in one of the corporates.

Have an awesome extended family always ready to help me.

So whats wrong you ask?….. ME!

I have everything the good Lord can give and all i need to do is my part and live my life. Sounds simple right?…naah

I am such an unorganized mess that every aspect of my life just barely works and it was always like that

My home is a mess.

My kids studies are a mess

Their food habits are a mess.

Havent been able to spend 10 mins with my hubby in peace. Can’t remember the last nice thing I did for him.

My work is never smooth…always a last minute scramble to complete things.. leading to late nights and long hours. and i wish i could blame the company…but its Me who is the cause of this chaos.

I am a procrastinator! I put off everything. I have no routine.. absolutely nothing.. there is nothing consistent about anything i do.

This is impacting how i feel. Just feel so overwhelmed all the time.

I have tried reading books…blogs..vlogs and installing apps to get my life in order…but to no avail…. Not one habit or ritual I have been able to sustain for more than a week.

So whats different now… i am hoping that this blog will keep me straight. I ask that my readers hold me accountable for every change I promise to make, to myself and to you.

People around me who see a glimpse of the chaos think its all external… like mom loves to blame my job… my colleagues think that I have a lot to do at home… but the truth is none of them are right….Its all internal.

I need to fix it..

Knowing me for 40 years… i know its not going to be easy. Pls bear with me and push me and encourage me as I get my life in control.

Best of luck to me.

Still on Habit 2

Almost a week on Habit 2 and i still havent got a single day with a clear plan for the day. Most days its because urgent items just drop into my plate. I am stuck in a vicious cycle of being able to only handle the urgent.. just not able to work on the important. I reach office and have to immediately jump to meetings. Maybe what i should do is go early. Have to reach ay least 1 hour early to be able to work on one item at least before my meetings start. But then i dont get time with my kids at all. Morning because i leave a bit late.. i can spend a few minutes with them. Have to figure something out. Have the entire weekend to work this out.

Update on Habit 2

Failed. I did plan that first day i decided to do it. I even applied the rules as suggested by kanisha in her blog… https://asilentobserver.com/2018/01/14/how-to-prioritize-organize-work/

But i am just not able to sustain. I have a todo list running which has already crossed 50 items..some of them are now too old to be relevant but if done at the right time would have made a huge difference to my life workwise or personally.

I know all the right things to do.. i just don’t do it… one of the biggest reasons are distractions at work..anybody and everybody finds reasons to come over and chat…it need not be idle chit chat.. can be about work.. but guys thats not what i wanted to do at that time. How do i tell people to buzz off without seeming rude? With all these distractions i barely get time to run thru my emails and then jump to my meetings let alone plan.

Ok…i wont give up.. let me try today and i will update you all daily.

Maybe if someone was reading my blogs I would feel accountable.

Habit 2

So where do I start? I think i will take one new habit a day and stick to it. I started with having a consistent time for our evening family prayer last week and its been 9 days we have been able to stick to it.

So time to add a new one….just dont know what area to tackle first… work..home..kids studies..health..family food habits..phew the list is long…hmm.

Since its the start of the day and the only area I can focus on is my work for the next 8 hrs.. Lets add a habit there.

Habit 2 – Will start my day with a clear plan for the day…with an updated todo list.. with realistic goals.

Should be an easy day to plan today as it’s a relatively meeting less day.. just 4 hours of meetings. 😐

Best of luck to me.